Dragos is an asset to the University of Denver and his contribution in the area of technology is tremendous. He is focused on the customer need and addresses both the short and long term aspects of needs. He has worked with a wide array of technology applications and continues to lead our Division of Athletics and Recreation organization in this area. Dragos has a can-do attitude and finds ways to get to a solution which I have always appreciated. Over the past few years he has built and led a technology team of students that have exponentially expanded our reach to the customers we serve. His investment in the students and their development has led to many success stories in our organization.

- Stuart HalsallAssistant Vice Chancellor, University of Denver

Dragos is perhaps the most efficient, professional, and personable web gurus I know. We’ve worked together on multiple creative marketing projects where he stepped out of his web design boundaries to help the team reach their goals. Dragos is highly knowledgeable about how to interface with other designers, systems, and always has multiple suggestions on how to attain an agreed solution. He is also one of the few people I know who truly knows how to give constructive criticism! Dragos is also always enthusiastic about learning new tech speak skills.

- Phil VirayGraphic Design Manager, DU Athletics & Recreation

Dragos’ technical and creative work is consistently ahead of the curve. He is very focused on integrating the next generation of features, content and interactive elements into his web designs.

- Jeremy DeckerDirector of Branding, Media & Sponsorships, University of Denver, Athletics & Recreation

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